Crock Pot Recipe: Turkey Taco Chili

I made this up on my own, though I’m sure there are many similar recipes out there. We are always looking for new ways to make healthy dinners, and ground turkey isn’t our favorite. But, this is super yummy! Also, crock pot anything is my best friend.


1 lb. ground lean turkey
Taco seasoning
Can of pinto beans, or any kind
Small can mexican corn
Small can green chilis
Small can chopped black olives
2 cups water
Dash of chili peppers
Dash of salt


Chop up 1 onion in big chunks. Put in bottom of crock pot.
Add ground turkey, mixed up
Add the rest of the ingredients.
Add taco seasoning to water, mix, then dump in crock pot

Cover, and cook on low 8 hrs. Salt & pepper to taste.

Stir and enjoy! I added a bit of cheese on my serving, along with a few tortilla chips.