Greek Orzo Chicken

Used one Roma tomato and then dried sun dried tomatoes. Grilled chicken breasts seasoned with salt pepper oregano onion powder garlic powder.

An Afternoon on Perch Lake

View of the cabin from the lake

My dad has spent countless hours at our property at Perch Lake. He’s cleared it,built a cabin,cleared an amazing beach out of nothing,put in a dock,made a walking trail (this is one HECK of a trail.. We took the Rav down it…Mom [...]

P90X TWO available for pre-order Sept. 1st!


Get TWO free DVD’s,FREE SHIPPING,and delivery by Christmas if you order from my website. You also get entered in a sweepstakes to have Tony Horton deliver your P90X2 DVD set to you IN PERSON! Get your foot in the door…there will surely be a [...]

Backup your blog! How to do it…

Very timely for me,seeing how I didnt backup my blog,updated my theme,and it all went to hell….

Thanks @MackCollier –I’ll know better next time!

First Post

I read today on Jaffe Juice that in order to be ahead of the curve,I should start a blog. Well,it sounded like a good idea to me. I do sometimes have interesting bits that I could share. So,here it is.

My first tip is this:

Proof,double proof,and triple proof emails [...]