P90X2 Review:X2 Total Body

Today I tried out P90X2′s “total body”. I have to say….I really liked it.

This is the first one that felt like good old P90X! Not come crazy,trying to top the original with wacky moves and fist pumping. I enjoyed it. The hour went by quickly.

It is two rounds of the same moves,[...]

P90X2 Review:X2 Yoga

This morning I tried out X2 Yoga from the new P90X2. What better way to start the week!? Well,I can think of many better ways,but I wanted to see how it was. I always did love the challenge of Yoga in the original P90X,though I hated it entirely.

Happy to discover [...]

P90X2 Review:X2 Core

Today was my first time doing the 1st video in the P90X2 series:X2 Core.

Again,like with Plyocide,there was the HUGE,extended stretch thing going on that lasted for about 20 minutes! I can’t deal with that. All this stuff with the new fangled “foam rollers”is garbage,personally. Maybe it works for [...]

P90X2 Review:Plyocide &Ab Ripper 2

Today I tried out Plyocide from X2! I thought it would be “suicide by plyometrics”. I was a little disappointed. The warm up and stretch are agonizingly LONG and boring. It’s like Tony is just trying to find new ways to stretch the same thing,so why make it so tough,long,and dull? I [...]

Turkey Meatball Soup

Turkey Meatball Soup (We got two meals out of this)


1 TBSP. olive oil 2 carrots,chopped 2 celery stalks,chopped (I hate celery,I used a dash of celery seed instead) 1 small onion,chopped 2 tsp. fennel seed 1 can petite diced tomatoes 5 cups chicken stock (I used 4 as that [...]