Rant &Rave:Share That Email –Oh but share your subscribe info,too!

Perfect example of well used animation in email

So today I got a great email from Tiffany’s that had the cutest use of an animated .gif in it! I wanted to share it (easily) on here. I thought I could just use the “View this email online”option…. WRONG.

This is what so many companies [...]

Video in Email

I hear so much about putting video in email,and while we haven’t yet in my company,I’m sure we will soon. We’ll probably do a clever animated .gif and see what happens –ideally test an A/B to see if there is any difference in sales,etc. I ran across this nice “Best of..”[...]

Subscribe Link

When sending emails,be sure to add a link in your footer for people to subscribe to the email. Many people forward emails onto friends,and if you give them an easy way to subscribe,you are more likely to get them as a subscriber. If there is nothing in the email telling them they [...]