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RT @MarkatEMR:Adding (positive) reviews to cart abandonment emails nearly doubles conversion rate from @IR_Magazine –@retailemailblog

Two WordPress plug-ins to help convert new visitors into readers from @mackcollier @amyafrica

Targeted Emails Work

Well,obviously. Who would even question that they work? Why WOULDNT they work and why wouldnt you do them? Here’s a fact:we sent an email to our general list regarding a product now on sale. We also sent this email to a list of people who previously purchased that item. The Targeted email open [...]

Fell off the Blog Wagon

Yeah,I fell of the Blog Wagon. I was really loving it….then spring &summer happened. Then life happened. Maybe I can get hoooked back up.

So,here’s a few links from recent months I saved:

Why 65 Percent of Top 20 E-Commerce Sites Are Missing the Boat –great SEO tips!

What’s the [...]

Great Links from Twitter this Week!Great Links from Twitter this Week!

Great week for info from Twitter. LOVE Twitter! From @MarkatEMR From @JordanDLane From @manojjasra Sorry –missed who this was from! Great info.

Subject Lines SeparatorsSubject Lines Separators

WOW. This is an AMAZING link to a great test on what is the best way to separate subject line elements. It knocks my socks off!

Thanks to for the link!

Great Link from Twitter TodayGreat Links from Twitter Today

10 Must Visit Social Media Blogs:

Free Photoshop Actions:

How to make your email look good int Outlook 2010 (I made this change to our email templates!)

What to Put in Your Basic Email

Never put together an email to a list of customers or potential customers? No idea what to put in it? Here’s a rundown of the BASICS. [...]

Great link:transactional emails

Saw this great article from about transactional emails. I am a HUGE proponent of transactional emails. In fact,so huge that our transactional emails account for the majority of our email sales,and we send a A LOT of other emails. It just goes to show you people want what is relevant to them.


Great Email &Post!

This is an outstanding article about a Crutchfield email! It really sums up the way all emails you send need to apply to multiple levels of readers! (unless you are sending a very targeted email to a known audience). What a fantastic email! And I really love the huge “Call Us”! Thank you for [...]

Image Maps in Email

This week I learned something new! I was zipping through my gmail account,skimming through the emails I get,and running into some proofs of emails we were sending for work. For some reason,my gmail is not showing images,and it got me paying more attention to things. Well…turns out any image I mapped [...]