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RT @MarkatEMR:Adding (positive) reviews to cart abandonment emails nearly doubles conversion rate from @IR_Magazine –@retailemailblog

Two WordPress plug-ins to help convert new visitors into readers from @mackcollier @amyafrica

Fell off the Blog Wagon

Yeah,I fell of the Blog Wagon. I was really loving it….then spring &summer happened. Then life happened. Maybe I can get hoooked back up.

So,here’s a few links from recent months I saved:

Why 65 Percent of Top 20 E-Commerce Sites Are Missing the Boat –great SEO tips!

What’s the [...]

This Week's Twitter LinksThis Week’s Twitter Links

Great page with some of the best WordPress Plugins! From @GarinKilpatrick:

WOW. This is an amazing list of SEO things to do!!! From @manojjasra

Nice comparison showing CSS suport in email clients: from @CampaignMonitor

Great Links from Twitter this Week!Great Links from Twitter this Week!

Great week for info from Twitter. LOVE Twitter! From @MarkatEMR From @JordanDLane From @manojjasra Sorry –missed who this was from! Great info.

Wordpress for Beginners ResourcesWordPress for Beginners Resources

Great link to a variety of WordPress resources! Love this. I picked this up on Twitter,but forgot to make note of from who.

Fun with BlogsFun with Blogs

Fun and games learing how to set up blogs on different platforms. [...]

Setting Up a WordPress Account Through Go-Daddy

When I decided to start contributing to my blog more wholeheartedly,I set up a new WordPress blog. Easy! Previously I had set up a Blogger one,but we use WordPress at work and it seems to be the blog platform of choice anymore so I transferred. That was easy,too. Then I decided I [...]

Rave! Gravatar –Avatars!

You know how it seems like all the Cool People have neat custom avatars showing up when they post a reply on a blog you are reading? And then the rest of us lame people have the gray “we are lame with no avatar”avatar? Did you know YOU TOO CAN BE COOL? Yes indeed. [...]