Job Dreaming (Not So Serious)

Over the last couple weeks, I have been occasionally drifting off into a line of though about a “Dream Job”. And when I say “Dream”, I mean Dream!

First off, is a Fashion Designer. Because really, did you ever see what I did to my Barbie Dolls? (Have you watched this? Fascinating.) I have some skills! But plus it would be fun, and I could dress myself however I like and it would be OK. And then maybe I could be on Project Runway. I would be so good for that show. #goals

Next, is a Podcaster of some sort. I recently discovered I have an “Entertainment Weekly” channel on my Sirius Radio. There appears to be an hour or more dedicated to every show or movie known to man. Surely there is room for more, and it would give me a legitimate excuse to binge watch Working Moms and Dead to Me. #netflix

A little different now – what companies would just be plain COOL to work for? Surely they would hire remote, because they are COOL? Something like Space X, or NASA. NASA might even be a government job, so HOORAY for great benefits and half the year off. Or how about Formula One? I bet they need a UX expert for their website. And then maybe we can get free first-class tickets to Monaco. Or Sephora, for you know, free makeup!#bettergoals

Last, a Fiction Writer. Now, I don’t mean a little something here or there. A blog post or two. No, I mean a full on, hardcore LITERARY SAGA. MIND-BLOWING WORLD BUILDING! One that is 15 novels long perhaps? I’m thinking Tolkien, Jordan, Martin. Or even Robin Hobb level. But I’d like my SAGA to get made into movies, or a series on HBO of course, so I probably should get started on this #dreamjob soon.

For now though, I’ll keep dreaming while I head out west for Denver Pop Culture Con next week and some #art with my brother and sister-in-law. Maybe I will find some more cool Dream Jobs!

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