One off the Bucket List: Make Cat Vomit

Poor kitty had a bad morning!

I can scratch one more thing off my Bucket List now! Exciting day here…. Ritter our ale Ocicat was sitting in the bathroom with me while I applied a careful coat of makeup. He was having much fun with a small elastic hair band. Oh, so cute I thought.

Then it occurred to me he was making some weird noises. What was he doing? Oh hell no. Oh hell yes! Did to just EAT the hair tie. Yes, yes he did. We joke Ritter is “special” – but I didn’t realize he was so special he thought a hair tie was for eating. Sigh.

I have, in the past, deeply regretted not taking action when a pet ate something suspicious, so,I went with my gut here. I quickly googled, “how to make a cat puke”. Then I measured out three teaspoons of peroxide (oh don’t worry, we have stock in peroxide in this house), snatched a dropper out of some other thing in the fridge, and went for Ritter.

Poor thing.

I am thankful he is so trusting and kept believing me when I said I didn’t have that thing in my hand….honest. Took three droppers worth, and about 10 minutes later, poor Ritter puked up the peroxide, plus hair band.

Mission accomplished! And it wasn’t all that difficult. And now I don’t have to worry about the hair band twisting up in his intestines and causing a blockage and other horrible things!

Note to self: put hair bands AWAY!

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