P90X2 Review:X2 Yoga


This morning I tried out X2 Yoga from the new P90X2. What better way to start the week!? Well,I can think of many better ways,but I wanted to see how it was. I always did love the challenge of Yoga in the original P90X,though I hated it entirely.

Happy to discover the new version is only 66 minutes,rather than 90! Still too long for my tastes,but better anyway. It started out completely different,and I was sweating and cursing 15 minutes in! Good old Yoga…Mostly it was pretty good. It didn’t have all the balance moves in the original,which were my favorite,but it does have Crane. If only I could manage Crane for just one second! I can get both toes up for about half a second. There was a nice abs sequence,and some tough work in the legs. The end was a lot of stretching.

I think I’ll keep at it. I would like to get back to being able to do all that downward dog. Right now it kills my shoulders,but I did my best –so I’m kinda anxious to see improvement.

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