P90X2 Review:X2 Total Body


Today I tried out P90X2′s “total body”. I have to say….I really liked it.

This is the first one that felt like good old P90X! Not come crazy,trying to top the original with wacky moves and fist pumping. I enjoyed it. The hour went by quickly.

It is two rounds of the same moves,that involve a lot of push ups,pull ups,curls,and various other moves that all felt familiar and good. What I liked best was all the new balance incorporated into it. It seemed like almost all of them had balance involved.

There were a few moves that in all honesty,we’re just pointless and no way could I do them. So,I just modified and did regular pushups or pull ups.

And also,at this point,I am nearly entirely ignoring Tony’s warmup,and doing my own. I don’t care for the new warmup at all….so….modify!

So far my favorite of X2!

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