P90X2 Review:X2 Core


Today was my first time doing the 1st video in the P90X2 series:X2 Core.

Again,like with Plyocide,there was the HUGE,extended stretch thing going on that lasted for about 20 minutes! I can’t deal with that. All this stuff with the new fangled “foam rollers”is garbage,personally. Maybe it works for some but to me it just seems like a huge waste of time. I dont have 20 minutes in the morning to waste stretching! Also they use one of those big blow up balls for stretches too,which is also irritating me. I dont see the point. Just trying to make things “different”I guess and keep up with the times.

When the workout FINALLY got going I was un-impressed. Too much “Sphinx”moves and using the medicine balls (which I dont have and am not going to buy…I just do the moves without,which is just fine!) There were some moves I enjoyed and found challenging,and not just some crazy wacky new way to try to twist and turn my body. Very few though. It really wasn’t motivating me at all. I dont know if it is because well,it isnt all that…or if I am just not as interested as I am doing it alone now. I was again thinking I’d rather just get agonized by Shaun T’s Insanity workouts and burn some calories and be DONE. Now as it is,I’ll have to spend some time on the Elliptical tonight to make up for the lack of interest in “Core 2″…

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