P90X2 Review:Plyocide &Ab Ripper 2


Today I tried out Plyocide from X2! I thought it would be “suicide by plyometrics”. I was a little disappointed. The warm up and stretch are agonizingly LONG and boring. It’s like Tony is just trying to find new ways to stretch the same thing,so why make it so tough,long,and dull? I was also finding Tony a bit full of himself,not sure why now,as he’s probably the same in the original!

I almost shut it off,but kept going.

When the workout FINALLY started,it was ok. Lots of it reminded me of Insanity,and just altered moves from the original. I got an ok workout,nothing mind blowing though.

Then I put in X2 Ab Ripper. I enjoyed this more as a next level compared to Plyocide. Some good stuff and I can foresee myself utilizing it for sure. As a matter of fact,my abs are complaining right now!

Not sure yet what I’ll do with X2. I found myself really wishing I was doing Insanity instead…but I will surely give all of X2 a try,but maybe not hardcore. We will see! Perhaps the new year will give me motivation to go all X2 on myself!

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