Movie Review:The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


I am a Lisbeth Salandar fan! The books,the Swedish films,and now the US movie. She is such a great character –a person just can’t get enough. As such,I was really looking forward to the new movie. I tried hard not to have too high of expectations,because books that are made into movies rarely translate that well. Sometimes they are just OK,other times they just plain stink,and very few are great.

So with great trepidation,I went to the premier last night with a bunch of friends. Some had read the books,others had only seen the Swedish movies,and some hadn’t been introduced to Lisbeth at all! Poor things.

I was expecting masses of crowds,so I bought our tickets the day before,and got there an hour early to assure us good seats. Turns out only a handful of people in Rhinelander were up for a movie on a Tuesday evening,though! What happened to the days of Lord of the Rings,with huge crowds at midnight!? This was only 7:30…It was nice though,to not have to battle crowds,and annoying teenagers. There was quite an eclectic group at the movie though,that is for sure.

Unfortunately,the movie started with sound issues! We could barely hear the dialog,and as it was the beginning of the movie,that was pretty important. It took them about an hour to finally fix it. Highly annoying. Once we could finally hear,I started to enjoy it!

I think David Fincher and crew did a great job translating the book to a movie! There are always elements changed,and details removed,but what he did worked for me. I had no problems with any of the changes.

Some of the more difficult scenes in the movie were really hard to watch. Worse than the book I think. A book you can skim over….in the movie shutting your eyes is the only option but then there is the audio. If you have read the books you know what scenes I am talking about.

It’s hard to really judge a movie when it is from a book you love. But,for me,the movie was great,and it was just another Lisbeth fix for me! I can’t wait for more,and am seriously considering download the series to my Kindle for future reading enjoyment,even though I’ve read them already.

Go see it!

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