Restaurant Review:The Brick,Lake Tomahawk


We have been going to The Brick in Lake Tomahawk for about a year now. It opened up early last year I think,and I have previously reviewed it…But,new blog,new year,new review!

Lately we’ve frequented this place once or twice a month. It has been relatively busy this summer,but we haven’t had to wait much with the exception of one time –we wound up eating outside on a picnic table,and service was poor. But,this was not normal. It was a super hectic tourist weekend.

Food here is almost always quite high quality. They have a nice variety from appetizers to salads,steak,fish and lots more. I always get the “Raspberry Chicken”. I LOVE this. It is cashew encrusted chicken breast,with a raspberry sauce. I get the sauteed vegetables with it as well as a salad. Kevin tends to get the “Tuna Tower”. I hear constant rave reviews about this –it is tuna along with a bed of vegetables and some sort of thinly sliced potato thingies that are TO DIE FOR. There is also a mystery sauce at the very bottom that is quite tasty. It is unfortunate they add all this extra stuff and ruin the healthy-ness of the Tuna,but it is all awfully tasty. :-)

We have never had dessert here,I don’t even know if they have any. Drinks and service CAN BE a bit slow,and the place is usually quite loud. I would prefer a nice quiet place,but good food is hard to find,so I’ll take the loud. Sometimes it is so busy we wind up eating in the bar,which is fine as well,but can get loud.

Check it out! We think it is a good find and hope the food continues to impress us.

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