My Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse


P90X Beachbody Shakeology

Our Shakeology for the day

My shakes are 1 scoop chocolate Shakeology,1 tbs almond butter,dollop of pure maple syrup and cinnamon with water/ice. I like them better with Milk,but supposed to avoid dairy during the cleanse.

I cannot do Shakeology straight with water,so had to come up with a recipe not too bad for the cleanse.

Not planning any workouts during the 3 days.

Day 1 –Not hungry most of the day. In fact,had to force myself to drink my 3 Shakeology’s! I was very excited to eat dinner though –green salad with grilled lightly seasoned chicken breast. I had 1 cup of green tea,and so much water I was in the bathroom every hour. :-) Was a little crabby at night,and got hungry finally around dinnertime. Ate a bannana for dessert. I did cave and have a small piece of whole grain/nut bread with a little bit of almond butter later. Seem to have plenty of energy though.

Lost 2 lbs!

Day 2 –Still really not hungry at all during the day. In fact,SUPER full and can again,barely finish my last shake. I do though,have a MASSIVE headache and am SUPER lethargic. Gonna be tough to continue tomorrow,I hope I feel better tonight after dinner.

Normally I have at least 1 coffee a day,and multiple (3-4) pieces of gum which keep my sugar high going all day. Have had none of that! I sure hope I get some energy when I get home and eat dinner. I’m exhausted and feel really light headed.

Day 3 begins! I made it through last night. I ate quite a huge amount of lettuce with my grilled chicken because it was so nice to be chewing something. Amazing how you miss chewing!! Got pretty hungry though and snuck in that small slice of whole grain bread with almond butter. Gotta do what works for me.

I am hoping I don’t crash as bad as I did yesterday afternoon.

I think it is going to be a long day though. I find myself fantasizing about real food a lot :-(

MADE IT! Day three wasn’t bad…day 2 was the worst for me as far as how I felt. Was pretty lethargic. I was lucky that I had about zero temptations doing this!

Today I feel really great! Down 4 lbs,hopefully it stays off and kick starts me to more. Hopefully I kicked my coffee habit,and sugar! I did a light cardio workout this morning followed up by some egg whites.

Bathroom questions:I didn’t really experience anything more than usual except that I had to go a lot because of all the water I was drinking.

I am like….sooooooo excited about the day and full of energy!!

———————- UPDATE ————————-

OK,so the 4 lbs lost on the Cleanse did not stick. 1 lb lost did stick though,and I learned some things. For instance,I can eat just a tiny bit when I get up in the morning,workout,and go to work having only my coffee in between until a Shakeology at 10am! I learned a little bit of hungry doesn’t kill me. I also think I got used to eating less,and feeling more full. Ever since the Cleanse,I feel like I have not been stuffing myself as I occasionally did.

Also,I did start having ONE Shakeology a day,about a week after the Cleanse. I really like it now. I think it helps supress my sugar cravings and gets me through to lunch with no problems. Usually I am starved at 10,11,noon…Now I am not at all. Not sure I would do the Cleanse again…Maybe. It was pretty tough. I might do it to a lighter extent –like 2 shakes a day,not 3 and having a light lunch along with dinner. I am happy I did it though.

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