What to Put in Your Basic Email


Never put together an email to a list of customers or potential customers? No idea what to put in it? Here’s a rundown of the BASICS.

  • Put your logo or name at the top left.
  • Put,in plain text,an overview of what the contents of your email is at the very top. This is so that even if you have images,or people don’t have their email window very large,you should at least be able to give them SOMETHING.
  • Add popular links you think people would want to easily access at the top as well.
  • Main body of content…..
  • At the end,add your company’s full name,address,contact info,and copyright information.
  • MOST IMPORTANT:Conform to CAN-SPAM rules and include a 1-step unsubscribe process.

That’s it really. The basics anyway –my biggest suggestion is to sign up for as many emails as you can from retails you admire,and see what they do! Then follow suit…

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