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Recently I’ve set up a couple blogs for some businesses in town. They are nothing fancy,but a really great way for me to learn about setting up Blogs! It has been a lot of fun and I think I am really getting it all figured out. When I set up this blog,I bought a “WordPress Package”via GoDaddy,which made things VERY easy.

One blog I just set up was also through GoDaddy,but it was just a “Linux”account. Oh boy the hours I spent trying to figure out how to get a blog set up! And in the end,all it took was like 5 minutes. Arrgggh! But,I learned a lot. What did I learn? If you want your website to be your blog,activate the WordPress Application IN YOUR ROOT DIRECTORY –not the default which is its own directory. I spent hours trying to do redirects,forwards,install &set up on my own,the application install…wow. When I finally figured it out I was so amazingly relieved! And I felt so stupid,too! Wow. But I’ve got it now,and am slowly learning more &more on getting good themes and plugins installed.

(In particular,I am fond of this theme I found called “Atahualpa”–which is pretty customizable for being free! Check it out here.

Oh,and how could I forget my struggle to discover the difference between WordPress.ORG and WordPress.COM. I didn’t even KNOW THERE WAS TWO TO CHOOSE FROM! Well yes indeed people,there are. .ORG is more for advanced people,or if you have your own hosting server. .COM is free,but it has less options (less themes,less plugins,etc). It’s a good way to start out if you’re a beginner,or don’t care much about customization. One of the blogs I am setting up is on .COM,because there is no hosting server,and it’s just more for fun than a business.

Anyway,that’s all for now. Hope to get things looking better soon!

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