Setting Up a WordPress Account Through Go-Daddy


When I decided to start contributing to my blog more wholeheartedly,I set up a new WordPress blog. Easy! Previously I had set up a Blogger one,but we use WordPress at work and it seems to be the blog platform of choice anymore so I transferred. That was easy,too. Then I decided I wanted my own URL and went to Go-Daddy to set up a hosting package. I was amazed to find an actual OPTION to get a “WordPress”domain hosting! Very interesting. I couldn’t figure out why I should or shouldn’t use it,so I did. Worked all great until I went to set it up in Go-Daddy,when I discovered I had to set up an entirely NEW WordPress blog account! Ugh. So fine,I did….and it worked swimmingly. Somewhere in WordPress when I was trying how to hook up the 1st WordPress account instead of seatting up a new one –I was notified I’d have to pay an extra $10 a month! If the Go-Daddy way of doing this gets around that then super. I’m not entirely sure it does,as this is a total learning process for me. But I found it interesting. My blog now works with my domain,so I am a happy camper right now!

Next up is to install some fun plug-ins and widgets,and get things moving. Let’s see if my new Twitter plug in works!

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  • My Twitter plugin does NOT work. Ha! However I got a comment on this post which I am emmensly impressed with,even though it seems a bit odd.

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