Rant &Rave:Share That Email –Oh but share your subscribe info,too!


Perfect example of well used animation in email

Perfect example of well used animation in email

So today I got a great email from Tiffany’s that had the cutest use of an animated .gif in it! I wanted to share it (easily) on here. I thought I could just use the “View this email online”option…. WRONG.

This is what so many companies do! Do they REALIZE that I am not going to share this with the world because when I do –it includes all of my subscription options in the footer? I cant belive how many companies do this –not only with their “View online”option but also with their Sharing options. We struggled with this issue for awhile,and then built an entirely new function so that we could give people custome URL’s per email that does not include subscription information. More companies need to do that. Maybe I am just overly sensitive…maybe not.

So…You only get to see a snippet of the email from Tiffany.com –just that little bit really caught my eye. Low size as well –perfection!

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