Photoshop Tips


I’ve been using Photoshop on a daily basis since about 1997,so I think I am qualified to give out a few tips.

Aside from the standard copy,cut &paste shortcuts…Here are a few key shortcut keys I use constantly in Photoshop:

m (marquee)
t (text)
v (move)
ctrl-alt-0 (100%)
ctrl-t (transform/resize)
ctrl-h (show guides,hide guides)
ctrl-shift-e (merge visible layers)
ctrl-alt-shift-w (save for web)

Actions:Without using actions,I would take 3 times as long to do things in Photoshop. USE THEM!!! They are easy to set up. I have mine filled 4 times over with different sets for different type of projects,and the main set for “basic” things I do most often.

Using shortcuts like these are the way to becoming quicker &more efficient than the next person. Get to know them &love them!

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