HTML Oddities


Read a neat little article today in a newsletter:

It reminded me of a few oddities I know of myself.

  1. Did you know letting atag hang on the same line as your content will save you some space? Sometimes I have this odd space that appears when I am working with tables,and have discovered if theis on the line under my text,this is where the extra space is. If I remove it,they mysterious space is gone!
  2. I always,always,always,set hspace &vspace on images to 0,unless I want them set otherwise. Some browsers read a small hspace &vspace on images if you dont set it to 0.
  3. Tables withing tables aligned left or right do not play well with Macs.
  4. It’s /images…. not \images…

I’m sure there’s more,but all I can think of off the top of my head.

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  • M West

    I just got done removing actual space….not coded as such…but character width “space”such as that between these words from between two anchor tags to remove VISIBLE space between a set of adjacent images.

    who knew,not the people at adobe….

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