First Post


I read today on Jaffe Juice that in order to be ahead of the curve,I should start a blog. Well,it sounded like a good idea to me. I do sometimes have interesting bits that I could share. So,here it is.

My first tip is this:

Proof,double proof,and triple proof emails before you send them. Don’t just proof it yourself,have 10 other people proof it. Check every link. Check for typos in your subject line. Make sure your tracking is working. Check your email in as many email providers as you can. I check emails in hotmail,outlook,gmail,yahoo. Check your senders list. Check your “From”field. It doesnt matter how much of a hurry you are in –send this email out NOW!!! –take your time,proof,proof,proof and proof it again. There is nothing worse than sending out an email with some bad link or typo. The big heads in your company will appreciate an extra hour spent proofing,in lieu of hundreds of emails back about a dead link.

Then when you are finally ready? Wait a half hour,proof it again…then send it. Trust me…I’ve had every mistake in the book happen to me.

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